We have a methodology that differentiates us from others, which make special our  surf lessons, is why we want to show you.

10:30 am

Reunion in our MEETING POINT in the surfcenter of Avenida Marinero Nº 25 in Caleta de Famara, where we will process your reservation and we will give you surfing equipment (surfboard, neoprene and lycra).

11:15 am

Warm up on the beach, with stretching and yoga for surfers.


13:15 am

Break Time (10 to 15 minutes) to recharge your batteries and eat our picnic.

For all those students who want to continue enjoying the waves, can rent the surf material for the rest of the day.

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Visit us at our MEETING POINT at Avenida MARINERO Nº25 in CALETA de FAMARA and at our offices in Calle Callejón Nº17 FAMARA, 35558, LAS PALMAS.

Tourist intermediary:      I-0003387.2

Complaint forms available

OFFICES: C/ El callejón Nº17 Famara 35558, Las Palmas.

SCHOOL: Av/ Marinero Nº25 Famara 35558, Las Palmas.




10:45 am

We will make a video and photo correction and mark the guidelines of our classes, for a better service.

11:30 am

We will perform the training and practice of positions, techniques and improvement in the sand for a better development of skills. "Dry" practice.

13:30 am

Second round of "dry" practice, in which we will see doubts and mistakes. After this, all to the water again.




11:10 am

Once the video class is finished, we will take our boards and surf equipment to go to the beach.

11:45 am

All for the water to practice and have fun together with the instructions of our teacher.

15:15 am

We finished the class , picking up our equipment and doing some stretching, to avoid stiffness and possible cramps to return to our meeting point.